October 29 - 31 2019 Sokode, togo

The challenges of the future -children and youth in school and society


Fight trafficking and assist children and youths with their education.

The Non-governmental organization (NGO) PASEORSC is an organization which was founded in year 2000. PASEORSC has previsously run a school for more than 15 years aimed towards basic education for younger children. PASEORSC have also arranged vocational education, partly in cooperation with local businesses and companies. During this period the Swedish ”Forum Syd” was involved in the work against trafficking and for empowerment and gender equality.


The international Conference on The challenges of the future -children and youth in school and society, aims to bring people who work with children and youth together. The focus will be on issues relating to children and young people in risk areas for exclusion, marginalization and poverty. The challenges that school and society have to support these young people forward to an included life with greater opportunities. During the conference there will be discussions with opportunity for all participants to exchange ideas, share ideas and network. It will also focus on issues concerning the future and which jobs that seem relevant to be invested in.

Conference Date & Venue

Date for the Conference: October 29 – 31 2019

Date for registration and sign up for participation: Between September 2 and October 2 2019.

The Conference will take place in Sokodé, Togo.



Mobilephone: +228 90 06 97 80 / 90 25 38 73

Location: Sokodé, Togo

Date of the conference: October 29-31 2019