The challenges of the future -children and youth in school and society


The international Conference on The challenges of the future -children and youth in school and society, aims to bring people who work with children and youth together. The conference is open to everyone but is especially aimed for those who works in the school, the social services and with employment issues. The conference is also suitable for people working with the rights of children and young adults in associations and organizations. The focus will be on issues relating to children and young people in risk areas for exclusion, marginalization and poverty. The challenges that school and society have to support these young people forward to an included life with greater opportunities. During the conference there will be discussions with opportunity for all participants to exchange ideas, share ideas and network. It will also focus on issues concerning the future and which jobs that seem relevant to be invested in.


●  Challenges for the educational system & schools

– In Togo

– In Sweden

– In conference participants’ different home countries

● Future competences

– Professions needed in the future?

– The possibilities of digitization

– Vocational training, possibilities?

– School in the future

● Challenges

– Physical and mental health

– Physical education in school

– Drugs

– Lack of faith in the future

– Migration

– Cooperation between schools and social services

● Educate for the future?

– Motivate children and youths for education

– Organize education for children from socioeconomically challenged conditions

– Pedagogical tools in the classroom

– Success factors in school linked to research

Socioeconomically segregated areas


Immediately after the time for registration is over, the program will be determined and published here. Invited speakers will also appear in the program.


  • Admissions to all conference sessions and presentations
  • Lunch
  • Coffeebreaks
  • Program booklet
  • Attendance Certificate

      ● Third day excursion:

Included for conference participants. The aim of our conference tour is to provide a possibility for informal networking, a possibility to create partnership among the conference participants. The aim is also to get familiar with the surroundings of Sokodé and visit schools, organizations and workplaces. The tour includes breaks for coffee and lunch.

Conference Date & Venue

Date for the Conference: October 29 – 31 2019

Date for registration and sign up for participation: Between September 2 and October 2 2019.

The Conference will take place in Sokodé, Togo.


The PASEORSC association is happy to assist you with booking accommodation. There are accommodations in different price ranges. In the response email after registrations you will be asked if assistance with booking is desired.

●  Hotel Central, Sokodé, +228 25 50 01 23

●  Hotel Solim Palace, Quartier Kidèoudè, Sokodé, +228 90 29 38 32


Transport from airport in Lomé to Sokodé

You can go with public bus or book private. PASEORSC can also assist to book a bus, and
accommodation in Lomé, if needed when your flight times are set.


Visa to Togo: Visa is necessary. Apply at nearest embassy or apply on arrival. More information at: https://www.worldtravelguide.net/guides/africa/togo/passport-visa/

Health: Read more about necessary vaccination at: https://www.worldtravelguide.net/guides/africa/togo/health/


Email: paseorsc_togo@yahoo.fr

Mobilephone: +228 90 06 97 80 / 90 25 38 73

Location: Sokodé, Togo

Date of the conference: October 29-31 2019