The Non-governmental organization (NGO) PASEORSC is an organization which was founded in year 2000. It is politically and religiously unattached working for equality. The main goal for PASEORSC is to fight trafficking and assist children and youths with their education. PASEORSC has previsously run a school for more than 15 years aimed towards basic education for younger children. PASEORSC have also arranged vocational education, partly in cooperation with local businesses and companies. During this period the Swedish ”Forum Syd” was involved in the work against trafficking and for empowerment and gender equality. Since 2018 they work with schools in the municipality.

●  Executive Director of the NGO PASEORSC is: Monsieur TCHAGBELE Agoro Essofa

●  The board consists of: Monsieur AYEVA Tchamola, Monsieur TCHAGODOMOU Djéri, Madame ALI Izotou Tènè.


Email: paseorsc_togo@yahoo.fr

Mobilephone: +228 90 06 97 80 / 90 25 38 73

Location: Sokodé, Togo

Date of the conference: October 29-31 2019